Risk-Taking in School – Back To School Balance

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September and another academic year are upon us.  Our  children  put on their new clothes, carry their lunches, and head back to school.  Are they motivated for achievement?  Will they be able to withstand the inevitable disappointments and failures that come with trying out new challenges in the classroom?  Parents who understand the importance of nurturing good risk-taking behavior are sending their child to class with more than the latest in footwear. 

Learning is a natural arena of growth – and risk – for children.  As our children put forth hard work and determination, they are also reaching into the unknown – without knowing if they will succeed or fail.  Sometimes,  doubts of being able to learn new material and articulating wrong answers cause  embarrassing situations that can make our children withdraw.  And, for young children there is the added risk of separation from the primary caregiver.

By nurturing risk and recognizing challenge and failure as a normal part of life, we can help our children make their way through another school year with all of its highs and lows.

For more information about Risk-Taking in School, see Chapter 5 of Raising Children Who Soar


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Parenting For Good Risk-Taking Children and Confidence

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