Parenting for Bully Awareness

September 26, 2009 at 11:15 pm Leave a comment

upset boy against a wall

Unfortunately, bully behavior is all too common in our schools. Mental health experts recognize that the bully often suffers from feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem, and he (or she) torments another child in an attempt to boost himself (or herself) up. This certainly constitutes bad risk-taking behavior. While bullies often benefit from individual counseling, research also indicates that bullying can be reduced up to 50% when there’s a school-wide commitment to ending it. 

To coincide with National Bully Prevention Awareness week, Center for Social and Emotional Education (CSEE) is launching a BullyBust Partner School Program on October 4th, which provides schools with free resources and activities to support their bully prevention and upstander-focused initiatives for improved school safety. BullyBust is an effective bully prevention awareness campaign because it is designed to help students “stand up” to bullying and become part of the solution to end harmful verbal harassment, teasing, and violence in our nation’s schools. 

If you’d like to join BullyBust (, and become part of a nationwide movement to stand up to bullying in schools, please click on the link for more information. This program is created by the Center for Social and Emotional Education (CSEE), For more information on bullies in school check out CSEE’s newsletter:


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